About Us

Shopnobilap is the blog where we will share various types of story, poem & tips tricks on each important moment about life. although 2 types of language are used in this blog (English, Banglish) but everyone will get the Bangla short story and poem. This blog will be the best for story lovers and there will be a short story about life but not only this, different kinds of news, tips tricks and etc will be there.

Objective of Shopnobilap

Nafis loves to write from childhood also he can draw scenery and make a different kind of statue sculpture with soil. After friendship,p we spend much time of the day in a lonely place and try to write a short story and poem & at a time nijam already written up 50+ poem and me up to 20+ poem and story. That time we had the dream that we published the poem and storybook but it was impossible due to financial, then we decide that at a time we will create the website where will be our written and everyone will read. We were really happy that at least we can create this blog and we want to this as our passion.

What will be there?

we really like to write about nature, establishment, short love story, colloquy and much more. We already decided that after 1 year age of this website, we will allow guest post and quiz system, where everyone can share their own story poem, etc and every week we will provide the 1 stakes. Anyone can get this stacks who will the win in the contest. We believe that small effort help to a big achievement.